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Track Bikes

These simple, efficient and light weight bikes are a super popular and stylish way to navigate Boston's city streets and bike paths. They come in two main styles: single speeds and fixed gear or fixies that bike messengers and students love.

Multi Speed 

These bikes are perfect for commuting longer distances and on more varied terrain.  They are thoughtfully designed to  carry loads on front and rear racks so you can bike to school or commute to work by bike.


Hybrid Bikes are bicycles that are upright and comfortable and will often have front suspension to smooth out the ride.  You can easily add lights, racks, and all the accessories you'll need to love riding your bike in the city.

Boston's best bikes.

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Why CrimsonBikes?

Why crimsonbikes?

The Best Products

We've researched and tested every bike we offer to ensure you are getting a high-quality bike that’s a joy to ride. We also offer a great selection of accessories to go along with it!

Door-to-door Service

We’ll deliver your new bike to your door for free! Need service? We can pick it up from you and bring it back when we’re done!

The Lowest Prices

We are constantly updating our prices to be the lowest you can find.

Exclusive Pricing on Accessories

Once you’re in the family, you get the family discount on all parts and accessories.

We're passionate about our customers.

Service Plans

Free repairs, extended indoor storage: these are just a few of the things we offer through our service plans. When it's anything related to bike repair around Boston, Cambridge, and Allston, you can count on CrimsonBikes

Theft Protection

Never worry about losing your bike again! Our service plans can cover replacement costs associated with theft.

Loyalty Program

Bought a bike from us? Buy another and we’ll automatically upgrade your purchase to the next level model for free!

Customer Referral Program

Tell your friends about us! $20 off for you, $20 off for them.