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Cold Weather Biking Tips

It is clearly that time of year when you look at the thermometer and wonder why you are not still curled up under the covers in bed.  If you are headed out the door we have some tips to help keep your comfortable and safe.

Don’t Overdress

This is a mistake that many people make right from the start. Overdressing can be great at the start but a mile or two in you are going to be shedding clothing or overheating. Being slightly cool as you head out is perfect. As you get going you will generate a great deal of body heat. This will cause you to immediately shed layers if you are warm as you head out the door.

Bike lights

Lights, lights, lights

Cold temps mean winter and shorter days. Don’t get stuck outside with the sun going down without a light. Tail lights should never leave the bike (except to charge). This is a much overlooked accessory when riding at any time of the year.

Cycling hats

Cover your Head

Those vents in your helmet are great in the warmer temps to keep you cool but those same vents will direct all that cold air right to your noggin. If your helmet has plugs for the vents use those but most people will need to get a hat of some sort to wear under the helmet to keep warm. You can lose up to 10% of your body heat thru your head.

Watch the road

Watch the Road

Given the time of year that all this cold weather riding happens it is safe to say that you may encounter much more road debris than you would in season. There are some new road hazards that you will need to watch for. Those might include - sand, salt, potholes and the dreaded black ice. Just be careful out there.



You may feel that you are not sweating as much as you do in the summer but hydration is not only lost thru sweat. With the cold temps comes dryer air and the simple act of breathing can dehydrate you. Just as in summer it is best to drink before you get thirsty.