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What Can a New Cycling Computer Do for Me?

Since Avocet burst onto the scene with the Avocet 20 computer, it has been pretty standard equipment on a bike for anyone that wants to collect ride data. The newest GPS cycling computers give you so much more data with less setup.

Today’s cycling computers have come a long way from the original Avocet 20 that Greg LeMond made the standard in the late 70s.We are going to go over some of the cool features you can expect from today's modern cycling computer.


GPS - The majority of cycling computers today use GPS to track your speed and determine your distance. No longer do you need to have wires all over your bike to track those things.

Ant+ - Short range low power wireless technology that allows various sensors to be wireless on the bike. Things like heart rate strap, cadence sensor and power meters all use ANT+ to talk to you cycling computer.


Bluetooth - A longer range technology that is becoming popular recently. Many power meters and virtual trainers will connect using this technology. This is more of a standard in technology circles and certainly another way to connect your cycling computer to your mobile phone.

Touch Screens - Why push buttons when you can just tap the screen like your smartphone. This has been slower to come to cycling computers but many units now offer touch screen menu systems over the physical buttons.


Navigation - A feature that used to be reserved for only the top of the line units has finally made its way down the line to more affordable units. Just like you use Google Maps in your car or walking around the city, you can now use your cycling computer to navigate your ride on or off road.

These are just a few of the new features out there today. Cycling computers are just that.. Little computers that sit on your bars. They are much more advanced these days and as with most technology products are always gaining new options.