Annual Service Plans

Get piece of mind: no more unexpected repair costs and the option for Theft Protection, too!

When you love riding your bike, or even if your current bike has been gathering some dust in the garage, it's important to have someone you trust to call when you need repairs or upgrades. We're dedicated to becoming your go-to provider in Cambridge and beyond! 

  • Brake Adjustments
  • Shifter/Derailleur Adjustments
  • Alignment
  • Inflation
  • Lubrication
  • Light Frame Cleaning

Bike Repairs Plus

  • FREE Labor on Repairs
  • FREE Flat Fixes (tube replacement)
  • FOUR [4] "Plus" Tune-ups per year
  • 10% off Parts and Accessories

Bike Repairs Premium

  • FREE Labor on all Repairs
  • FREE Flat Fixes (tube replacement)
  • FREE Mobile Pick-up/Delivery for Service
  • UNLIMITED "Plus" Tune-ups per year
  • 20% off Parts and Accessories
  • Priority Service
  • FREE Indoor Bike Storage

Theft Protection Requirements

*To receive Theft Protection, you must meet the requirements below. 

· Lock requirements are for bike theft protection. 

· Component security requirements are for wheel and seat replacement.

Bike Value
Lock Requirement (Our Price)Component Security Requirements
$0 -- $499Kryptonite Series 2 LockWheel and Seat Security Pack
$500 -- $899Kryptonite Series 4 LockWheel and Seat Security Pack
$900 -- $1499Kryptonite NY LockWheel and Seat Security Pack
$1500+ Contact for DetailsContact for Details