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We Shine a Light on Bike Lights

With Spring getting close it is time for many to start considering getting that bike out of the basement and hitting the roads. More often than not you will need to have a decent lighting system when you head out the door. We have a few tips for you when looking.

First thing to consider is does your state law require a light system. An example is that Massachusetts requires that your lights be on (both front and read) ½ hour before sunset to ½ hour before sunrise. States vary but it is always a good idea to have lights at the ready.

Rechargeable – Many lights these days are rechargeable, and we generally suggest this. The lights that feature a battery like this tend to have better sealing since you do not have to be able to get them open to replace batteries. Most of the brands that we offer have a good lineup of rechargeable devices.

Mount Systems – Make sure you examine the mount system before making your purchase. Some are easy to use and hold well and others just aren’t. If you have more than one bike you will also want to make sure that you can get spare mounts for your other bikes.

Lumens - This is the measure of how bright the light will be. Most people feel that road / city riding can be done with between 100 to 200 Lumens. If you are heading off road the brighter the better and something in the 1000 range will be perfect. Make sure that you look at the run times as generally at max output many lights have less than stellar run times.

As a side tip.. It never hurts to have your lights on when riding. It just adds to your visibility on the roads or trails. Having other people see you is always a good thing.