Fuji Bikes at CrimsonBikes

Fuji Bikes are a brand that while not the most well known offers great value at every price point.

They have a long history that spans many decades and have a number of sleeper models that ride exceptionally well for the money.

Fuji Absolute 1.3
Fuji Touring
$899.99 - $999.99
Fuji Absolute 1.7 ST
$499.99 - $699.99
Fuji Touring Disc
$1,139.97 - $1,299.99
Fuji Sportif 2.1
$779.97 - $899.99
Fuji Silhouette 1.3
$649.97 - $899.99
Fuji Traverse 1.7 ST
$399.99 - $499.99

Fuji Fixed Gear + Single Speed Bikes

If you love simplicity, style, and speed all in a super light package, then these Fuji Single Speed and Track Bikes known as fixed Gear or Fixies are for You.

These are super popular in Boston with the burgeoning Bike Messenger and Student Communities.

Fuji Road Bikes

If you are looking to get a great road bike that is priced significantly less than other brands with the same components, Fuji Road Bikes could be perfect for you.

Fuji Cyclocross Bikes

Fuji has a killer lineup of cyclocross bikes that you'll love whether you're itching for cross season to get back out there, or it's your first cyclocross race, or you just want a killer year round commuter bike.

Fuji Commuter + Hybrid Bikes 

If you commute in a city and want to get the best bang for the buck, you'll love these Fuji Bikes. They feature efficient drivetrains, comfy saddles, and great carrying options.

Fuji Mountain Bikes You'll Love

If you're just getting into Mountain Biking or want to save some money while still getting a bike that is worthy of riding the Fells and other nearby singletrack destinations.

Fuji Touring Bikes

Get a Fuji Touring Bike and Explore your state, region, or all of North America by Bike.

Fuji Fitness Bikes

Fuji Fitness Bikes are a fantastic part of Fuji's Bicycle Lineup. We love how much bike you'll get for the money and know you will too.

Fuji Kids Bikes

Fuji Kids Bikes offer great value, fun, and great technology so your kids will fall in love with cycling.