March 23, 2020

Hi Everyone,

We take very seriously the dangers posed by COVID-19. We are following the updates closely and attempting to react accordingly. Currently, our store in Cambridge is open as normal through noon on Tuesday, March 24, 2020. Our Mobile Bike Shop service intends to continue operating, as well as shipping of products sold through our website. We are currently awaiting word on the status of bike shops as an essential business in the Greater Boston area/state of Massachusetts.

Right now here are our top priorities:
1. The safety and well-being of our staff and community is paramount. We are doing everything in our power to maintain a safe and sanitized environment for folks who need to come by the store. All surfaces and bicycles are being regularly sanitized and we are limiting the number of people who can be in our space at the same time. Our Mobile Bike Shop is performing no-contact deliveries/pick-ups and on-site bike repair.

2. The economic and psychological well-being of our employees. Even though business is being conducted differently, we are continuing to employ our full staff for as long as we are able. Those who can work from home are doing so. Employees who do not feel comfortable coming in can stay home if they choose. Running a small business is hard, but we are human first, so making sure that our employees are taken care of is a guiding priority. That includes providing regular updates as we learn more about the future.

3. Supporting people who rely on bicycles for transportation. CrimsonBikes is a commuter bicycle shop first. The vast majority of our customers use bikes as their primary mode of transit. Many are medical professionals and those whose jobs are considered essential even during a full lockdown. If we are forced to close our shop, we have the means to increase our Mobile Bike Shop availability in a way that continues to abide by the guidelines and recommendations while keeping our physical store shuttered. We are waiving the mobile fee to a 20-mile radius (services still carry their costs). This will allow us to continue to service those people who rely on their bike to get to work.

This is a trying time for every person in the world and we are all in it together. Fear and dismay are rampant, but the human spirit is capable of powerful good. We want to be a force for good, and that includes doing our part to preserve public health while supporting cyclists.

Thank you for all of your support,
Founder, CrimsonBikes