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Choosing a Commuter Bike (what you need to consider)

Leaving the car at home is the latest trend that many are considering these days. It's a geat way to get to work as well as get some exercise. It also helps you save some cash at a time when gas prices are starting to rise.

Batch E Commuter

The first thing that you will need to do is some research. Take some time to consider what your commute will be like so that you can get the correct bike. Make sure what you choose will handle anything that your commute will throw at you. For Example, road surfaces, inclement weather, daytime or evening commutes, hills and so on. Take an imaginary ride along your route.

Next consider how long your ride will be. The longer the ride the more important bike selection becomes. You do not want to be riding 6 miles or more on equipment that is only comfortable for the first few miles. As your mileage goes up the importance of gearing and components will increase as well.

The conditions that you will be riding in important. Are you going to be strictly on the road for your entire commute or will you be hitting a trail or path. Even some roads that feel smooth in your car can be full of cracks and pot holes which can swallow up some bikes. Tire size and width can make a big difference in ride comfort on rough terrain. Make sure you select a bike that can accommodate the tire size that your commute will require.

Cannondale Quick

When you have figured out the distance / terrain you can start thinking about bike type. Sometimes this is going to be based on the type of tire or size of tire that will best suite your route.Many times a narrow “fast” tire is not going to be the best for your route. This is why many consider a Hybrid bike or a 27.5 or 29” mountain bike with a street tire. 

Another decision to make is whether or not you want disc brakes. If you will be riding year round in poor weather conditions, this is a good option disc brakes they will give you more stopping power in wet conditions.They also make a good addition to any commuter bike since an out of true wheel (wheel out of round) will not affect braking.

As you navigate the maze of bikes, you will find offerings with suspension. While this can be nice to smooth out the ride, it will add some weight to the bike. You really need to take a look at your route and decide if this would be worth the extra weight. Most urban commutes do not need suspension, and the added weight will slow you down if there are any hills on your ride. On the other hand, the suspension can smooth out those pot holes thus making the commute more comfortable.

Finally, many people are starting to go with E Bikes as their commuter of choice. These battery powered bikes allow you to comfortably handle hills and longer distances.In some cases the pedal assist will get you riding more days than planned especially in the heat of summer when you might sweat more and want a shower before work.

Now that you have a few things to think about feel free to come  check out our vast selection  commuter bikes at CrimsonBikes and talk to our staff about your new commuter bike.