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PLEASE NOTE: Some bicycles on our website are available for pre-order only. To see the list of pre-order models and estimated ship dates CLICK HERE

Batch Bicycles

Hello, we’re Batch Bicycles. Simply put, we make really nice bikes that help make bike riding part of your daily routine. Because we’ve seen firsthand what the world looks like from on top of two wheels and a nice saddle. The cool breeze and fresh air gives us time to think, reflect, and take in the natural charm around us. It gives us time to make good on the promise to be a little healthier and to comingle with folks outside the daily routine. So, take your time and check out our bikes—designed and built to be easy to use and a joy to ride. CrimsonBikes has chosen Batch Bicycles for their great value for our customers.

The Commuter Bicycle

Sometimes, my friend, you’re riding just to ride. We love that. And sometimes you’ve got a destination in mind. Guess what? We love that, too. That’s why we designed the Commuter to be an easy, reliable traveler. With fenders, comfortable hand grips, and a rear rack for gear, this bike is built to cover ground and get you to the coffee shop, the office, the yoga studio, the grocery store, and home again. 

The Comfort Bicycle

Say hello to simple and capable. The Comfort bike is hop-on ready to explore city centers, suburban parks, and all the sights in between. The upright position and comfy seat make for an effortless ride so you can just take in the experience.